On the 1st of July, James Hullick and Jonathan Duckworth performed the first public performance of Disruptive Critters at the Jolted Arts Space in Melbourne.

Disruptive Critters is a concert and free play exhibition, in which James Hullick and Jonathan Duckworth playing their bespoke DC tabletop audio-visual interface along with a surround sound.

The Disruptive Critters performance explores digital disruption through multisensory intersections of the theatre and performativity of autonomous computer-generated agents, interactive media, and digital design. Using a multi-touch tabletop console, players activate real-time computer generated virtual “critters” that roam the virtual performance space on screens and through sound. The critters, each with their own sound world and gestural characteristics, become autonomous co-performers in the work, interacting with players and each other in seemingly unpredictable ways. The audience for the performance was immersed in a responsive, interactive world where virtual beings teem and flock, collide and collude in various forms of playful mischief. 

As co-convener of the HASH theme, ‘Design & Digital Media Technologies for Human Wellbeing’, Jonathan Duckworth’s participation in Disruptive Critters reflects his interests in design thinking, co-design, and experience design to create innovative digital media experiences.  

Congratulations to the Duckworth Hullick Duo on their sold-out performance of this immersive, innovative work.  

Here is a video of a pervious performance on Disruptive Critters

By Published On: July 3, 2023Categories: News

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