Focused on addressing pressing questions on the contemporary contexts and futures of mental health.

Taking a relational approach that recognises human health as inseparable from environmental health.

Fostering collaborative, transdisciplinary research that engages arts, creative and embodied practices and methodologies.

Embracing multidisciplinary and creative practice-based approaches to forge new ground in design research as applied to disability, mental and physical health.

Examining transdisciplinary approaches to community engagement and societal impact of research.

About the Network

Humanities, Arts, and Social sciences for Health (HASH) is a transdisciplinary research network seeking insight into individuals’ experiences of health and wellbeing – as embodied, and as part of broader social systems.

HASH provides a place for people studying health and wellbeing, broadly defined, to share ideas, present their work, and discuss research methods, theories, modes of engagement, and knowledge translation towards impact.

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